Body in the Woods

Artist: Jennifer Weston, Date:2019 Medium: Screen Print Dimensions:

This screen print (from a photo of the artists body covered in undergrowth) comments on how our throw-away patriarchal society throws away women at an alarming rate.  Over the centuries, how many women and girls have been found naked, raped and murdered?  Their bodies dumped in woods, rivers, waste ground; sometimes blatantly by the side of the road.  Females used for the gratification of men; killed and then discarded as rubbish.  It is a common occurrence; another missing girl, another woman attacked, another teenager found in the river, another wife battered to death…. The list goes on.  Women are threatened by and subjected to gender-based violence all their lives.  How can this be stopped?

This print is featured in the book ‘Women: Inspiring Quotes & Artistic Responses. Volume 1, by Wild House Publishing and is available to purchase from:

It was nominated for the Social Art Award, We the People; Can Art Catalyse Change? 2019 at the Institution of Art and Innovation, Berlin, Germany. And will be featured in a forth coming book published by the institute. Click on the link to view:

This image was also nominated for ‘The Confinement Chronical’ exhibition for Friki Fish Art magazine, Barcelona, Spain Art Prize. Click on the link to view:

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