Digital Images

photograph of landscape environmentalism North Yorkshire glacial valley floodplain art activism
Erasure 2020 Jennifer Weston ©


Digital image as featured in Haus-a-Rest environment issue December 2020 Issue 8 – Exhibition – Environment — HAUS-A-REST (

digital image of feminist art activism by woman artist
Just Another Runny Hole, 2019. Jennifer Weston ©

Just Another Runny Hole

Digital Image that comments on toxic patriarchal rape culture.

photograph feminist art woman in the woods with Autumn Fall leaves
Shallow Grave, 2015. Jennifer Weston ©

Shallow Grave

Digital Photograph. This work comments on how death is used for our entertainment in the media.

digital art image female nude  bold colours with arms above her head
Goddess of Isolation, 2020. Jennifer Weston ©

Goddess of Isolation

Digital Image.

digital image of Medusa feminist art activism female nude
Medusa, 2020. Jennifer Weston ©


Digital Image; modern interpretation of classic Greek mythology.

digital art exhibition KCAW art activism feminist art child protection
Home, 2020. Jennifer Weston ©


Digital Image featured in Kensington and Chelsea Art Week 2020 depicts home as a toxic nest.

digital image feminist art woman nude.
Body in the Earth, 2020. Jennifer Weston ©

Body in the Earth

Digital Print as featured in Haus-a-rest online zine issue 5 Body as Landscape

digital image abstract art bold colours
We Must Stay at Home 2020 Jennifer Weston

Digital image chosen for the ‘Being Human Exhibition’ as part of the Bring Human Festival 2020 at Queen Mary University of London, in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.

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