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Title: Home Medium: Digital Image Date: 2020

This artwork explores child protection issues. Trigger alert.

What happens when home is not a safe place?

For a child experiencing incest, home is a danger zone, a toxic nest, a place of twisted love or just pure hate.

This powerful image responds to the crime of childhood incest and the hidden inequality it creates. This crime passes all boundaries of race, class and gender. Hidden from view within four walls it holds the child captive in its narrative of control and possession.

And these common acts of violence destroy trust.  Who can you trust at home when abuse is normalised? This violence creates entrenched, difficult and complex emotions, leading to a lifetime of PTSD.

There is no equality for the children suffering from gender-based violence.
Children psychologically damaged so young, that they spilt their personalities in half as a coping mechanism.

Starting your life with sexual trauma is the kind of disadvantage that is barely acknowledged. Where is the support for adult survivors who spend their whole life re-experiencing the torment of this crime?

We all need to work together to report to stop crimes of sexual violence towards women and children.

Digital Image featured in Kensington and Chelsea Art Week 2020 depicts home as a toxic nest. https://www.little-voices.co.uk/exhibiting-artists

Home, Jennifer Weston 2020 ©
Home detail
Home detail

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