Contemporary English fine artist. Working with photography, sewn painted textiles, printmaking, digital image and text.

This award nominated artists exhibits both nationally and internationally. Much of her work centres around her experience of being a cis-gendered women from a feminist perspective and ecology.

Current Art Exhibitions and Artists Publications for 2020-2022

Artist Responding to… Contemporary Art, Culture and Activism Magazine Issue 1. 2022

‘ARTISTS RESPONDING TO… work with international artists from every corner of the globe and curate images into slick and eclectic publications. Activism is at the heart of what we do, and A.R.T.’s mission is to use our platform to ignite change through the power and appreciation of art.  We include a vast range of artworks and discussions and our publications are sure to reveal varying viewpoints and experiences.’

Issue 1 is available to purchase as e-book or paper from the link below.


Let Them Eat Cake exhibition for International Woman’s day

This empowering celebration and platform for female creatives, is opening on International Woman’s day from 8 – 10 March 2022 at Base Camp, Middlesbrough, UK. Curated by the artist Slutmouth, the event is raising funds for ‘Bloody Good Period’, a charity aiming to eradicate period poverty. This event features my lino cut image ‘Blood Red Rose’ which serves as a memorial for women whose lives were taken through gender-based-violence.

Wakefield Art Walk 28th September 2021

Wakefield in West Yorkshire UK is a town firmly in the UK art map. It hosts an annual Art Walk to exhibit the wide range of creative endeavours the town supports.

I have two images as part of ‘Yorkshire Makers: Inspired by Yorkshire Writers’ shown at the Northern Fringe Gallery in the Ridings Shopping Centre. Northern Fringe are a collective of Yorkshire artists who exhibit work on a common theme. This year the theme is writers born in Yorkshire. I chose famous novelist Anne Bronte; born in Haworth, West Yorkshire and died in Scarborough. And the prolific poet, critic and fashionista Edith Sitwell: born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and died in London. It was important for me to chose women with a connection to the Yorkshire Coast. Both authors faced incredible challenges of illness, trauma and criticism throughout their lives, yet despite the ubiquitous misogynistic attitudes of the day succeeded to have their work published with acclaim within their lifetime.

The Northern Fringe exhibition ‘Yorkshire Makers; Inspired by Yorkshire Writers’ will then tour to the Creative Arts Hub, Mirfield, West Yorkshire later this year.


New Mills Art Festival September 2021

My ‘Scenes of Scarborough’ Art Trail lino cuts are on tour as part of New Mills Art Festival in Derbyshire, UK. The festival hosts over 150 national and international artists displaying their work across the town from the 10th to the 26th September 2021.

Click the link below to discover all the artists involved in the events.


The De Mowbray Song book Exhibition August 2021

The Dreaming digital image is part of a collective exhibition at Rural Arts, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK in the Courthouse Gallery between 10th-15th August 2021.
It is a fascinating collaborative project between Yorkshire artists and conductor/ composer Benjamin Ellin.
The exhibition highlights the artists response to a number of musical pieces composed by Benjamin. Access to the music will be available via QR codes and, at the exhibition, MP3 players.

Scarborough Art Trail ‘North Sea Coast’ June 2021

The Scenes of Scarborough Art Trail includes 12 local North Yorkshire artists and comprises of a series of new and exciting digital images covering 1.2 miles through the town centre.

It was commissioned by Scarborough Borough Council, Scarborough Town Centre Team and Scarborough Town Deal Board, was paid for by government Town Deal Fast Track funding, which was awarded to the council in December 2020.

Scenes From Scarborough – Discover Yorkshire Coast

The trail can be followed via the Love Exploring – Apps on Google Play

Watch | Facebook

Erasure’ digital image and prose at Haus-a-Rest online December 2020

In another life I wrote and taught extensively about the effects of pollution, waste management and recycling. I wanted to produce a range of art that reflects my concerns, especially about my local region, North Yorkshire. Below is the text to accompany the image published @Haus-a-Rest

‘When the sea levels rise these houses, land, people round here will be no more. This glacier formed river valley will be part of the sea. Erased.
I cannot tell you how often I ponder this, and my mixed feelings about relocating. This is the region of my birth, born and bred; yet I’d feel safer on higher ground. Preservation verses familiarity, nostalgia, roots, home, deeply saddens my heart. ‘ Jennifer Weston

 This month we felt the need to have our December issue about the environment, as it is a month for many of indulgence and purchasing objects and things we really don’t need”. Haus-a-Rest Issue 8 – Exhibition – Environment — HAUS-A-REST (haus-a-rest.com)

New digital image ‘We Must Stay Inside’ is shown at Being Human Festival online November 2020

I was working in York when the first visitor from China tested COVID19 positive. Word spread and soon there was a sense of rising fear and panic. No one wanted to touch the shared computers, we tried to wipe off years of engrained dirt on keyboards in one sweep. I was deeply relieved when I was furloughed and delighted in the safety of indoors. The print studio I use was closed and is still closed. During lockdown I increasingly clung to my computer and made a diary of abstracted emotional expressions.

Being Human is the UK’s only national festival of the humanities. A celebration of humanities research through public engagement, it is led by the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, the UK’s national centre for the pursuit, support and promotion of research in the humanities, in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.


New digital image ‘Home’ shown at Kensington and Chelsea Art Week October 2020

Commenting on the unspoken and unacknowledged inequality of childhood sexual abuse in the home.

As part of ‘Little Voices’ curated by Amy Jackson. Follow the link to this online event

Live from October 18th to December 31 2020


‘Body In the Earth’ shown at Haus-a-rest online magazine September 2020

‘When I rest on the earth in remote woodland I settle into a depth that is not present ordinarily.

I dip into some mythic world of non-ordinary reality where I feel big calm, relaxing away from hubris into the damp compost of leaves, sludge and bugs. Enveloping, the boundary called skin, rubbing, poking, scratching its way onto the vast realm of other.’

Can be seen online at Body as Landscape Exhibition Body as landscape exhibition — HAUS-A-REST (haus-a-rest.com)

Refusing to Pose,’ shown at The Mass; online magazine, UK, August 2020

‘Refusing to pose,’ photographs and musings about self obsession, manipulations of the beauty industry and toxic patriarchy.

the MASS (the MASS collection) is a monthly online collection of discursive art, articles, opinions, prompts, thoughts, and questions, gathered in response to global issues.”


The Confinement Chronical at FrikiFish, Barcelona, July 2020

‘Body in the Woods’ screen print has been chosen as one of the 30 finalists by Barcelona’s art magazine FrikiFish as a global call to reflect on the current economic, political, and social situation through the arts. They asked artists to reflect on the following themes: confinement, pandemic, isolation, resilience, social distancing, camaraderie, catalyst for change and a new paradigm. The exhibition can be seen online here: The Confinement Chronicle | FrikiFish | Art & Creativity in Barcelona

The Mass; online magazine, UK, May 2020

‘In the Beginning’ is a short screen play loosely based on a conversation with my cousin in March 2020 about the start of Lockdown. It explores mortality and cultural change with poignant dark humour.

Featured in ‘The Mass.’ https://www.the-mass.com/may-2020

The Social Art Award; Institute of Art and Innovation, Berlin, December 2019

To see the crime of femicide casually reported in the media on a daily basis is symptomatic of the normalisation of hate crimes against females. My screen print ‘Body in the Woods,’ speaks out against these everyday crimes for which I was nominated for the Social Art Award by the Institute of Art and Innovation in Berlin: https://social-art-award.org/award2019?contest=photo-detail&photo_id=941

New Art Publications for 2020

Women: Inspiring Quotes & Artistic Responses Volume one and two.

‘Body in the Woods’ screen print by Jennifer Weston featured in Volume one. Edited by Nicola & Andy Wild and published by Wild House Publishing. Retail price £15, available to purchase direct from their website https://www.womenartbook.com/

Anne Bronte 200

‘Accomplished’ mixed media by Jennifer Weston features in this lovely publication ‘Anne Bronte 200’ edited by Lindsey Tyson that accompanies the exhibition at Woodend Gallery, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England which has now ended. Copies of this book have now all sold. http://lindseytyson.com/annebronte200

Anne Bronte art exhibition at Woodend Gallery Scarborough.

For more information

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