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Dysfunctional Objects
feminist art by woman artist of mixed media necklace for Northern Fringe art exhibition Sheffield
Dysfunctional Objects 2019 Jennifer Weston ©

Mixed media piece made for an exhibition inspired by the book ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’ hosted by Northern Fringe. Comments on how harem girls and boys were sex slaves, kept for the pleasure of dominant men.  

And the Story Unfolds
art activism about grooming in secondary school
And the Story Unfolds 2019 Jennifer Weston ©

This artwork combines a school exam style paper with social commentary involving grooming in UK a school and child protection failures. First shown at the Jeanie Avent Gallery London, January 2020. The image shows the front page of 12 pages.

Erasure 2018 Jennifer Weston ©

Digital Photograph. This work comments on how climate change impacts on flooding in the rural vales of the British landscape

Body in the Woods
Body in the Woods (detail) 2019 Jennifer Weston ©

This screen print comments on the common crime of femicide and is featured in the book ‘Women; Inspiring quotes and artistic Responses’. Also nominated for the Social Art Award, Berlin Institute for Art and Innovation 2019 https://social-art-award.org/award2019?contest=photo-detail&photo_id=941 and was shortlisted for the art prize at FrikiFish Magazine Barcelona 2020. http://the-confinement-chronicle.frikifish.com/

A Cup of Sacred Blood

mixed media goddess worship artefact feminist art activism
A Cup of Sacred Blood 2019 Jennifer Weston ©

This mixed media alter style art object celebrates the sacred cycle of menstruation.

On the Rag
feminist art by woman artist of large mixed media textile art and social justice about menstruation .
On the Rag 2017-2020 Jennifer Weston ©

The image shows a detail of this large textile based diptych, which comments on cultural views of menstruation.

Where are You Now My Love?
mixed media art work 1568 Sawdust Hearts fundraising  exhibition Woodend Gallery  2018 world war 1 social commentary.
Where are You Now My Love Jennifer Weston ©

Mixed media piece made for the centenary of WW1 1,568 Sawdust Hearts Project in Scarborough. In making this piece I wanted to comment on the intense stress military personnel endure during war time and the potential ‘unseen’ damage war causes. Shell shock was born under the abysmal circumstances of trench warfare and many men who return homed relived the horrors of the past repeatedly.

Just Another Runny Hole
digital art image feminist art activism. social justice  and  women's empowerment
Just Another Runny Hole 2020 Jennifer Weston ©

Digital Image that comments on toxic patriarchal rape culture.

Under the Covers

Large mixed media textile based art completed during lockdown 2020 highlighting the rise of desperate calls by women and children to helplines in the UK during this time.


mixed media goddess worship artefact feminist art activism  social justice
Crucified 2019 Jennifer Weston ©

This mixed media piece explores how the yoni is revered and crucified in equal measure. Woman as the object of the male gaze are loved and hated, desired and repelled, worshiped and vilified, praised and ridiculed. 

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