Jennifer Weston artwork and writing is featured in a number of art publications and magazines new for 2020-21

Below is a selection of books and where to view or purchase.

The Social Art Award 2019;

We are the People – Peaceful Revolutions

Edition no. 2 published December 2020

What does art have to say in times of transformation? How can social
artists cherish and support peaceful solidarity? Does art have the power
to catalyse change, peaceful revolutions and positive futures? Where
does art take place? What forms of art are being created? Where do we
stand together, get inspired and appreciate the freedom of art and the
spirit of humanity? Can art give us hope to believe in ourselves? How can
art contribute and empower peaceful revolutions through the people?
” Social Art Award

Authors: Viktoria Trosien and Nicole Loeser

Publisher: Institute for Art and Innovation e.V.
ISBN: 978-3-9819114-2-8

The e-book is available to view and download free from

SAA-2019_book_FA_Spreads_LR.pdf (


Inspiring Quotes & Artistic Responses

‘Women Inspiring quotes & Artistic Responses’ Volumes 1 and 2. These well crafted books contain words and images by 98 women artists, responding to quotes by women philosophers, thinkers and writers.

Edited by Nicola Wild 2019 and published by Wild House Publishing.

Volume 1 & 2 are available from:

Published 2019

Anne Bronte 200

This lovely hard back art book documents all 200 artists who took part in the exhibition to celebrate the life and works of Anne Bronte. Held at Woodened Gallery, Scarborough on the 11th January to 8th February 2020.

Now sold out.

Anne Bronte 200 Artists, 200 Pages

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