Pearls necklaces for sale with  gems tones and silver clasp

Thank you for visiting my Etsy shop. Shopping at Gems from the Earth allows me to spend more time developing my art practise; writing and producing art to raise awareness about gender-based-violence. Speaking about the right of women, feminism, seeking cultural change, reclaiming the feminine spirit and positive feminine expression is at the core of everything I do.

Gems from the Earth


I works with genuine gemstone, found materials, glass and wire. Assembling and manipulates materials to heighten associative qualities.  My jewellery involves simple lines and highly skilled labour-intensive processes exploring the possibilities of light, colour and form. Creating wearable aesthetic heirlooms.

Special occasions are marked by beautiful bespoke jewellery, I offer a custom make service. All designs can be shortened to fit, and on some products length can be added.

Bridal jewellery can be created to feature as haute couture; to hang round your face or as a highlight on your dress. Wedding favours can also be designed to your theme and created as bespoke fit for your bridesmaids.


I love the unique, expressive marks made by the printing process. Methods used are lino/woodcut, dry-point etching and metal etching. As a preference I use non-toxic etching methods with water based inks to minimise the impact on the environment. The majority of the prints currently available were produced for specific exhibitions from 2017-2021.

Customer Testimonials

I have purchased several pieces of jewellery from this seller, I am impressed with the gemstone size and quality. The silver wire work and assembly is beautiful. Each one is made with care and tells its own story”.


Thank you so much for my lovely bespoke necklace. Working with you meant I have the design I wanted”.


Gems from the Earth

Creating wearable aesthetic heirlooms

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